In-Home Therapy (IHT)

In-Home Therapy (IHT) is a MassHealth service for children and youth with social, emotional or behavioral challenges under the age of 21. It can be delivered anywhere the youth is, including home, school, child care setting, and other places in the community. IHT works with the whole family, not just the referred youth, by providing intensive family therapy to assist families in overcoming past trauma and coping with symptoms of mental health conditions.


IHT uses a team approach: A therapist and Therapeutic Training and Support (TT&S) worker help the family to strengthen relationships.

Communicate, and learn new ways to resolve conflicts. The IHT team supports the youth and family as they learn and practice new .

Skills, for example, how to manage strong feelings and safely express anger.

The IHT Team provides practical support and coaching to parents/caregivers around the changes they are trying out at home to support the child, such as setting rules around chores, homework, screen time, hanging out with friends or trying out new routines (for examples: getting ready for school, bed, or any kind of transition.)

An IHT treatment plan will be different for every family, depending on what goals they want to achieve.

The family can work with their IHT team to change the plan as needed.

The IHT team will usually meet with the family more than once a week, depending on the family’s needs.

How long a family stays involved with IHT depends on what they need and when they meet their goals.

If the family is involved in other services (for example, outpatient therapy or Early Intervention) or state agencies (such as DYS or DCF), the IHT team will help keep in touch with everyone involved with the youth to keep track of important information and updates that affect the treatment plan and to make sure everyone is doing their part to help the youth and family reach their goals.

IHT services begin with the end in mind—the team helps the family plan how they will keep up the gains they make during and after IHT. This can be through a mix of other services, help from natural supports (extended family, friends, or favorite teachers), and participation in community resources (for example: sports, faith communities, and support groups).


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